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Blooming Beautiful: Choosing Colors for Your Spring Photoshoot

Spring has sprung! The flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer, and it's the perfect time to capture some gorgeous outdoor portraits. But with a vibrant natural backdrop, what should you wear to make your photos truly shine? Don't worry, Walden Photography has got you covered with this helpful guide so that you can choose the best colors to rock for your springtime photoshoot.

Pastel colored pictures on a white background

Embrace the Pastels:

Spring is all about new beginnings and soft, fresh hues. Pastel colors like baby pink, lavender, mint green, and buttercup yellow are classic and flattering choices. They complement the blooming flowers and budding greenery beautifully, creating a harmonious look with nature. Plus, pastels tend to photograph well, giving your photos a light and airy feel.

Earth toned photos on a brown background

Go Bold with Earthy Tones:

If pastels aren't your thing, don't fret! Earthy tones like soft browns, khakis, and olive greens can be equally stunning for spring photoshoots. These colors connect you to the natural world and create a timeless elegance. They also provide a great base for layering in pops of brighter colors like a turquoise scarf or a coral necklace.

neutral colored pictures on a cream background

Neutrals Never Fail:

Can't decide between bold or soft? Neutrals are your best friend! Creams, whites, tans, and even a classic navy blue are fantastic choices for spring portraits. They offer a clean slate, allowing the natural beauty of the environment to take center stage. To add a touch of personality, consider textured fabrics or layering different neutral tones.

leaves depicting skin tone colors neutral, cool, olive, and warm tones on a white background

Pro Tip: Consider Your Skin Tone and Background

While these color palettes are a great starting point, remember to think about what flatters you most. Are you cool-toned with blue veins? Try cooler pastels or blues. Warm-toned with greenish veins? Look for peachy pinks, golden yellows, or earthy browns.

Finally, take a moment to consider your photoshoot location. If you'll be surrounded by colorful flowers, a neutral outfit might be best. But if the backdrop is more muted, like a field of green grass, a pop of color could be stunning.

By following these tips and choosing colors that make you feel confident, you're guaranteed to have a spring photoshoot that captures the vibrant energy of the season. Contact Walden Photography to book your outdoor photo session today and embrace the beautiful outdoors while you let your colors bloom!


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