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Reaching Out To Your Photographer: Tips for First-Time Clients on What to Ask For

Booking a photographer for the first time can be intimidating. You want to capture every detail of your special moment perfectly. Even if you have booked a photographer before, reaching out to a new one can still be daunting. However, this guide aims to help you navigate the process of booking any photographer, whether it is with me at Walden Photography or any other photographer out there. Check out this quick guide for first-time clients, and download the FREE "Quick Questions" guide below to take to your next meeting with your professional photographer! 1. Feel Out the Vibe of Your Photographer If you want to have flawless photos, it's important to select a photographer whose personality and style match your own. Take some time to get to know your photographer before the shoot and assess if you feel at ease around them. When you have a positive connection with your photographer, you'll feel more at ease and self-assured during the shoot, which will reflect in the quality of your pictures. A photographer who comprehends your personality and style can capture your individuality in a more authentic manner, resulting in images that accurately depict who you are.

2. Inquire about Your Photographer Every photographer you encounter will be different and work in a unique way. When you meet with the photographer, feel free to ask them any questions you may have about their style and methods. It's important to have a good connection with the photographer you choose, as this will help build trust and create a successful partnership. So, don't be shy and get to know your photographer!

Here are some questions that you may find helpful to ask:

  • How many years of experience do you have?

  • What type of equipment do you use?

  • Do you have any examples of your work that you can share with me?

  • How do you go about editing photos?

3. Discuss the Shoot Your photographer- no matter how experienced they are- is not a mind reader. While they may have experience shooting, say weddings, they do not have experience shooting YOUR wedding! Each wedding is unique, and each client has different expectations. This is true for every session a photographer works on, so it's important to hammer out the details with them before the shoot. If you have a vision, now is the time to share it! When planning for a photo shoot, it's important to communicate the details of the location, clothing, and props or accessories you'd like to incorporate. If you have any specific poses or ideas in mind, don't hesitate to share them with the photographer. The more information you provide, the better prepared they will be to capture the images you envision.

Now that you have a good understanding of what you should ask when reaching out to your photographer for the first time, download the "Quick Questions" guide for a handy reference that you can use when booking any photographer!

A photography guide detailing questions to ask your photographer before booking them.
Walden Photography's Quick Question Guide

Quick Questions- Walden Photography
Download PDF • 1.57MB


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